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Why Johan Buskqvist?

What has he done?

After having travelled the world for over two decades, Johan settled down in his motherland, Sweden, in fall 2016.

From his dreamproject Lådfabriken -seaside accommodation- he continued to share his professionalism.

Curiosity for other cultures, lifestyles and people combined with the constant search for colors and materials from all over the world, inspired him to stunning results in the development and production of street- and sportswear collections for some of the biggest companies arpund the globe.

Colors, textures, hand feel, quirky smart solutions constantly kept him moving forward. No detail is too small to not be turned and twisted into something exiting and totally new. Johan shares this immense experience with others in the business; creators, designers, decorators, communicators and visionaries.

To help them developing what always came so natural to him.

The extraordinary thing is that he has covered so many different fields within his work and all seem equally interesting to him. Weather women’s, men’s, children’s, young, interior, classic or sports ....

All fields inspire him to find the right strategy for each category within the specific brand.

With his connections around the world and awesome experience in materials, production and marketing, he is eager to share his qualifications and achievements as a consultant.

Consulting creators in the fashion industry to get the right mindset, focus and result.

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